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Welcome to our digital diary of our love and adventures. We are two halves of a photography team that make up Knot Just Pics. We love adventures, weddings, old Land Rovers, our fur children (including cats, bunnies, chickens and guinea fowl), good red wine, bands with heavy guitars and mosh pits, meeting new people and Roller Derby. On one of our first dates at the ripe old age of 20 and 23 respectively we discovered we both had a deep love for making images and both had a background in developing our own photos in a dark room. Fast forward ten odd years and not only have we realised that we are two halves of the same crazy whole that can’t live without each other, but that our love of documenting life has found its home in shooting weddings and world adventuring… Read more

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  • We are back shooting in the bush this weekend and crossing fingers and toes for more of this magical African light 😍
  • You can't beat Summer African skies! Nikki and Richard are quite nice too...
  • Nikki and Richard nailing the post sunset swim kiss.
  • Domi has to be hands down one of the hottest mamas to be 😍
  • Caroline and David's intensely emotional elopement at @babylonstoren is up on our blog today!
  • The biggest, dorkiest grins. I guess it's hard to hide how much we love telling love stories ☺ Thank you @theshanktank for getting us at our best/silliest!
  • African sunsets and this intense love are what dreams are made of!
  • Overwhelmed by the intense and beautiful love we got to witness yesterday with these two incredible souls.
  • African sunsets. Always mind blowing!
  • Domi, the most breathtaking bride 😍
  • This love is everything. Domi and Brett 💜 #brettlovesdomi
  • Magic seeing some rhino on our game drive today. Cannot wait for Brett and Dom's wedding tomorrow, it's going to be magic!

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  • Big yawns. Everyone can relate on a Monday morning. 
After an early morning ruff-n-tumble play session with his sisters, this teenager plonked himself down and promptly passed out.
  • Officially obsessed with penguins. But don't get too close. They bite 😳
  • 2016 has been epic! Here's to more adventures in 2017. Happy new year 🎉
  • Incredible to think that around 70,000 years ago humans shared this same view. 
Or at least a similar view. Back then, when the Klipgat caves near Gansbaai were inhabited the sea was about 5km away.
  • There's a trail along the coast through the Walker Bay Nature Reserve that I'd highly recommend to anyone visiting the area. Thanks @ellehcimmurray for the headsup!
  • Nothing like a sunset swim with the beach all to yourself.
  • Seagulls floating like kites right above our heads. Just waiting to swoop down and steal a chip.
  • Taking the scenic cliff path in the midday summer sun is not such a good idea for people with pasty, white skin (like me). But it does give you big blue skies and a shimmering ocean.
  • Looking for whales from the rocky cliffs in Hermanus 🐳. So far 0 whales spotted ☹️, BUT we did see some seals playing the waves 😁
  • Our view of the sky last night above the Overberg mountains at @greytonfarmanimalsanctuary 
The orange is the light from the small town of Greyton illuminating the clouds of dust over the dirt roads.
  • Jeff the sheep enjoys long walks in the countryside and head-butting his friends.
  • Our view for the next couple days @greytonfarmanimalsanctuary

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