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Welcome to our digital diary of our love and adventures. We are two halves of a photography team that make up Knot Just Pics. We love adventures, weddings, old Land Rovers, our fur children (including cats, bunnies, chickens and guinea fowl), good red wine, bands with heavy guitars and mosh pits, meeting new people and Roller Derby. On one of our first dates at the ripe old age of 20 and 23 respectively we discovered we both had a deep love for making images and both had a background in developing our own photos in a dark room. Fast forward ten odd years and not only have we realised that we are two halves of the same crazy whole that can’t live without each other, but that our love of documenting life has found its home in shooting weddings and world adventuring… Read more

Szerdi’s Instagram Feed

  • When love is just enough. No elaborate location, just real, beautiful love.
  • Today we fell in love with Peta and Ray's epic love story, their energy and vibrance. On Saturday we get to document the next step of their adventure.
  • Sometimes going to Plan "B" when the heavens open during a couple shoot can turn out pretty well!
  • Yesterday we got one step closer to our biggest adventure to date. We bought our expedition pop up tent which @wechooseadventure is putting on the roof in this pic. We will be taking it on our 3 month trip around Africa in 2018. While it may still be a way away, gathering all the bits and pieces we will need makes the waiting that much easier!
  • Generally not a big fan of wedding ring shots, they are mostly so empty and without feeling. This one is an exception to the rule...
  • There is just something about holding a tangible image in your hand that can't be beat! One of the reasons we were both reluctant to switch from film to digital was the likelihood of images never being printed. This is probably why we love a good print now!
  • We don't often get a weekend at home. @wechooseadventure making the best of the kak waves.
  • I have the cutest little bunny helper who helps me get prints and USBs ready for our couples.
  • So delighted that Jay and Mike's beautiful Star Wars themed wedding was featured on @rockmywedding @dajayp @mikeb_za you guys are the business!
  • Slowly getting around to blogging some of our adventure stories from Burma. Our time at the Temple of the 90 000 Buddhas is up on our blog now X #wechooseadventure_myanmar #wechooseadventure @wechooseadventure
  • Love in the party light.
  • Sometimes even a messed up double exposure shot can end up kinda cool! #richditchwedding

We Choose Adventure Instagram Feed

  • Cabbage stew and pap (maize meal) for lunch.
  • This is the beautiful face of someone who had just drunk a bottle of vodka for breakfast.
  • Looking for sharks at the mouth of the Umzimvubu River, Port St Johns.
  • Hole in the Wall, and some cows, in the Transkei.
  • Koi for sale at a night market somewhere in Hong Kong.
  • Power walking businessman in the streets of Hong Kong.
  • It's not uncommon to see people wearing surgical face masks in public. Hong Kong seemed pretty clean so not sure if it's pollution or airborne viruses they're trying to avoid. In Myanmar it seemed to be more for dust in the more rural areas.

If anyone knows more about this we'd love to find out...
  • Camping in the garden... We're slowly gathering things for our 3 month drive around southern Africa and this tent is the latest addition. Did a practice run and had it setup in less than 4 minutes on our first attempt. I reckon we could get it down to 2.
  • The International Commerce building on the left is 118 floors! Kak day at the office when the lift is out of order. Also, if you look closely there's a plane flying through the clouds just above the building in the middle. Didn't notice this until we got home :)
  • The streets in Hong Kong are pretty well sign posted and almost all have an English version. But we still got lost.
  • A 25 minute ride on the 6km long Ngong Ping cable car. Avoid if you are scared of heights!
  • Nice view from the cable car on the way back from our Big Buddha visit. The views must be great over the bay from that suburb too.

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