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Welcome to our digital diary of our love and adventures. We are two halves of a photography team that make up Knot Just Pics. We love adventures, weddings, old Land Rovers, our fur children (including cats, bunnies, chickens and guinea fowl), good red wine, bands with heavy guitars and mosh pits, meeting new people and Roller Derby. On one of our first dates at the ripe old age of 20 and 23 respectively we discovered we both had a deep love for making images and both had a background in developing our own photos in a dark room. Fast forward ten odd years and not only have we realised that we are two halves of the same crazy whole that can’t live without each other, but that our love of documenting life has found its home in shooting weddings and world adventuring… Read more

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  • It's easy to miss the small, unnoticed love gestures between a couple when you're shooting wide, big scenes. Sometimes a little handhold and snuggle can convey the world.
  • Prepping to blog these guys, shoo what an elopement! 😍
  • How can you not get a big cheesey grin looking at these two's excitement for marrying each other?! Also they officiated their own ceremony which is pretty epic!
  • Sometimes the simplest of shots sum up the vibe perfectly. Nicolene, just chilling in some strong ass wind, in a big white dress, as you do on a Saturday evening.
  • Trees and the sea. A contrast we always love 💜
  • Nicolene and Tyron. One windy as hell beach and a whole lot of love.
  • We don't shoot many beach weddings, and now we have our 2nd one in two weeks tomorrow! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • Rediscovering old portraits. How has it been THREE years since what still has to be one of our favourite weddings of all times?!. Damn Ntombi and Geir, you set the emotional wedding bar high!💜
  • Always up for a challenge, couple shoot in mid day sun with these two awesome people.
  • Spent the day with these cuties today. It was awesome!
  • We had some insane blue sky/storm sky today!
  • Wingardium Leviosa. Nothing quite like a levitating bride...

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  • The pouring rain and blankets of mist let up for 5 minutes 🙌 Just enough time for us to actually see the views. This is a beautiful road between Clarens and Fouriesburg in the Free State. To the left of this pic is the mountain range that separates South Africa from Lesotho.
  • Pretty decent view.
  • Exploring Golden Gate National Park on our way to Clarens. We're also right near the northern border of Lesotho. Wish we had more time to visit.
  • A creamy sunrise goes well with the yellow bark of a fever tree.
  • Went looking for elephants 🐘 but no luck. Got some good exercise though.
  • Game drives are great but walking allows you to immerse yourself in your surroundings. You start to notice the beauty in the little things. We found this baby monkey skull hanging on a tree. The hole in the forehead looks like a bullet wound. Not so nice but still looks pretty cool.
  • The sun sets behind @knotjustpics and our guide, Steve, during a walk through Bonamanzi Game Reserve. 
Steve moved to South Africa from Malawi to become a game ranger. So besides picking his brain about the bush, it was great to hear tales from his home country (a place that's very high up on our list to visit).
  • This sexy male Inyala came mincing through our campsite. We're finally starting to recognise the different African antelope 😊
  • A lazy morning in our bush campsite.
  • Really excited about seeing some of our adventure photos and stories in print 😊 Honored to be working with the talent from @conteu_magazine . Give them a follow and order your copy now!
  • Setting up camp in 38 seconds 💫
  • Practicing Eric Clapton's "Layla" by campfire light 🎸 
There were no other people around for miles, but I hope the baboons in the valley weren't cringing when I hit bum notes 🙉

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