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Welcome to our digital diary of our love and adventures. We are two halves of a photography team that make up Knot Just Pics. We love adventures, weddings, old Land Rovers, our fur children (including cats, bunnies, chickens and guinea fowl), good red wine, bands with heavy guitars and mosh pits, meeting new people and Roller Derby. On one of our first dates at the ripe old age of 20 and 23 respectively we discovered we both had a deep love for making images and both had a background in developing our own photos in a dark room. Fast forward ten odd years and not only have we realised that we are two halves of the same crazy whole that can’t live without each other, but that our love of documenting life has found its home in shooting weddings and world adventuring… Read more

Szerdi’s Instagram Feed

  • I wish I could remember what Jeff told Kerryn at this point in his speech!
  • Getting ready before you marry your person, full of butterflies and excited energy is definitely one of the best parts of any wedding day!
  • Every wedding reaches *that* time, when the shoes just Gotta come off!
  • Love having the chance to just sit in nature, and look at all the awesomeness! (And of course take a picture 😉) Cape Town you really are a gem!
  • On top of of the world.
  • Portrait light play with the serenely beautiful Lou.
  • One of my favourite things about love is having another person to dance like a maniac with!
  • This is our 3rd weekend not shooting this year. We are resting and re-centering ourselves by heading to Cape Town to watch and play some roller derby.
  • Always love a good reflection!
  • Seems only appropriate after a deeply personal post about the importance of capturing family at weddings, to share one of Meg and her dad before she went to marry her person. The tender love and joy between these two is tangible x
  • Weddings are so much more than a pretty dress, a good party and Pinterest perfect decor. They are the times when all those you love come together, possibly for the last time. While often family photos can be a drag in the excitement and hype of the day, we can't stress enough their importance. This is the last photo we have with all four of our parents together, from our own wedding, and it's one we will always cherish.
  • Some beautiful Africa for Africa Day! What an extraordinary place. You honestly can't not lose a piece of your heart here.

We Choose Adventure Instagram Feed

  • Some of the art outside the National Gallery is as beautiful as the art inside.
  • Traveling in style.
  • "The London Ferris Wheel" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • Some cool looking house down some cool looking street. The red postbox is a dead giveaway for what country this is in...
  • One happy veggie enjoying some amazing vegan ice cream from @cookiesandscreambakery . Have to go back in August! #totesdelish
  • Thought one of the lions from Trafalgar Square had escaped.
  • There is a lot of amazing graffiti around Camden Town
  • Squirrel / Tree hamster with fox tail
  • This sassy duck waddled around with us for a while. I'd love to have ducks at home but the chickens are noisy enough.
  • Swan in Regents Park, London
  • @knotjustpics taking a break in this  fancy hallway.
  • Definitely going back to this place for an average veg meal, delicious coffee and great location. That's Trafalgar Square and the National gallery in the reflection.

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