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Welcome to our digital diary of our love and adventures. We are two halves of a photography team that make up Knot Just Pics. We love adventures, weddings, old Land Rovers, our fur children (including cats, bunnies, chickens and guinea fowl), good red wine, bands with heavy guitars and mosh pits, meeting new people and Roller Derby. On one of our first dates at the ripe old age of 20 and 23 respectively we discovered we both had a deep love for making images and both had a background in developing our own photos in a dark room. Fast forward ten odd years and not only have we realised that we are two halves of the same crazy whole that can’t live without each other, but that our love of documenting life has found its home in shooting weddings and world adventuring… Read more

Szerdi’s Instagram Feed

  • I think it's easy to forget how much we miss being in the wild, until we are there again.
  • What a glorious view! Our home for the next few days.
  • This kind of happiness is infectious!
  • We've been air guitaring and head banging through four years of marriage. And what an epic adventure it's been so far!
  • A cold day's editing eased by the epicness of this wedding.
  • Babes. 
Editing this wedding is not work...
  • Reflections of love :)
  • The most cheesey/posed looking non posed photo! Hanging out with the  girls in the morning when they get ready for the wedding, is always one of my favorite parts of the day. Getting to watch the excitement and anticipation grow and getting to hang out with a cool group of women. Winning!
  • Excited to finally be blogging again! Cannot wait  to get this farm wedding gem up!
  • Being rabid dancers ourselves, we do love a good dance pic!
  • Could not be more in love with their love!
  • Bridesmaids 😍

We Choose Adventure Instagram Feed

  • Although we didn't make it inside this time we spent ages walking around the abbey admiring the detail. The gothic style of architecture is just so beautifully excessive.
  • The detail in this building is incredible. Wesminster Abbey gets over a million visitors a year. We unfortunately didn't have time to wait in the long queue to go inside but will definitely make time during our next London trip.
  • Unusual angle on a usual icon.
  • Nice place for a swim.
  • Bust of Germanicus, a Roman general, in the British Museum. The cross carved into his forehead was a common way people tried to "Christianize" the pagan statues when Christianity came into power. #vandalism
  • Beards were usually only worn by philosophers, and a few later Roman emperors who saw themselves as philosophers.

These are quite early, either Greek archaic or early classical period, distinguishable by their heavy set eyelids, tight smiles and overly styled beards. 
I was feeling quite at home with my beard amongst these guys.
  • Marble busts of Roman emperors and statesmen at the British Museum, London.
  • Roman busts at the British Museum. Because marble is so soft the noses, and other appendages, often fall off.
  • @knotjustpics having a close look at one of the many parts of the Metopes from the Parthenon.

They are now known as the Elgin Marbles. Named after the guy who stole them and took them back to England for "safe keeping".
  • Clowning about in Picadilly Circus.
  • I wonder how this guy's going to feel about his photo realistic portrait.
  • Juxtaposition

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