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Until then please check out the photos and stories from some of our adventures below.

Sziget Festival


The 90 000 Buddhas of Mrauk U

A Pagoda Festival in Mandalay

The Chin Villages of Myanmar

Hot Air Ballooning over Bagan

Market Day in Nyaung U

New Orleans I

New Orleans II

New Orleans III

London II

Bournemouth and Christchurch



Peru – Cusco back to Santa Cruz

Peru – Macchu Picchu

Peru – The Sacred Valley

Bolivia to Peru

Bolivia – La Paz

Bolivia – The Salt Flats

Bolivia – The Salar

Bolivia – Tupiza to Lagunas

Bolivia – Sucre and Potosi

Our first wedding anniversary

Ethiopian – Addis Ababa

Ethiopia – The Island Monasteries

Ethiopia – Simien Mountains

Ethiopia – Gonder

Ethiopia – Axum

Ethiopia – Mekele

Ethiopia – Lalibela

Lalibela – Orthodox Christmas

Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Saudi Arabia – Farasan Island


Nepal – Chitwan Jungle

Nepal – Pokhara

Nepal – Patan and Bhaktapur

Nepal – Kathmandu II

Saudi Arabia – Red Sea

Saudi Arabia – Wahba Crater

Nepal – Kathmandu

Mozambique – Ponta Torres

Lesotho – Snow Birthday

Berg & Bush

Knot Just Pics on Instagram

  • Tayne's dad's face right here, pure magic, pure delight as he sees his gorgeous daughter getting ready to marry her person 😍
  • Aimee and Ross' beyond spectacular Okavango Delta adventure wedding is up on our blog now! Heavens it's a goodie...
  • Andys web and design agency turns 1 today, so proud of all the things this boy does 😍
  • Little people on a big landscape.
  • The many faces of dudes preparing for a wedding.
  • So much love right here 💜
  • No better feeling than being in the arms of the one you love 😍
  • 2 as cool AF people and some mad mountain skies.
  • Tayne, the perfect purple haired goddess.
  • Tayne and Wade and some magic Underberg skies.
  • What an epic spot for this weekend's wedding! Beyond stoked to be shooting in the berg again!
  • Last night we saw a band deeply influential and special to us both, Pixies. We were only in Cape Town for 16 hours to see them,  but holy crap it was worth it!

We Choose Adventure on Instagram

  • Those gigantic eyes 😍
  • Meeting "Ducky" the African wood owl had to be the highlight of our short Botswana adventure.

She was found on the forest floor on one of the small islands in the Okavango Delta. Tiny, vulnerable and featherlessly pink. The guys at @gumacamp took her home to nurture her back to health and, when she was ready, release her back into the wild. But despite all efforts to rehabilitate her back into the forest, she kept coming home to the lodge.

Ducky is now a healthy five year old who loves catching moths and mice. She also enjoys head strokes and chin scratches, but watch out for those talons...😬 Why the name "Ducky" for an owl? Summer gets relentlessly hot in the Delta, so Ducky cools off by swimming in the pond or sitting under the overflow pipe for the rainwater tanks. 
Bless her feathery little heart!❤
  • That beehive-in-your-torso feeling of excitement (or is it anxiety?!) when you walk out over a runway to board a small plane. This is Maun International Airport, and our last few moments on Botswanan soil. Thanks @fly_airlink for helping make our excitement outweigh our anxiety.
  • One last sunset booz crooz on the Delta.
  • Papyrus for days. Just think of all the scrolls the ancient Egyptians could have made.
  • Another sexy Botswana sunset over the Delta
  • Exploring the Okavango Delta on a mokoro. We heard hippo grunting nearby and got the helloutofthere 😳
  • The great thing about a mokoro boat ride is that it's slow and silent, so you can get up close and discover the insane beauty in the details.
  • Trying to stop the African sun from aggressively burning my pastey skin. 
Our @seatosummitgear Drylite travel towels are more than just drying towels. We use them as blankets, yoga mats and, in this case, for shade.
  • I took this photo of Szerdi moments before we got our motorboat hopelessly tangled in papyrus. Floating papyrus sometimes breaks away from the main islands and blocks up the canals. We had to lift the motor to physically drag the boat over the papyrus and into clear water.
  • One thing about exploring the delta on a mokoro is you get to appreciate the small beauties this place has to offer.
  • The Okavango Delta is a maze of watery, papyrus lined corridors humming with all kinds of animal life.

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