Our very own fantastical wedding!

Shoo wee! I dont even know where to start with this post! Writing about our own wedding seems so much harder than writing about all the wonderful weddings we shoot! (Be warned, this post will have lots more writing than normal as lots of people have asked lots of questions about our wedding) Lets start off with our most asked question, “who is shooting your wedding?”. We knew from the get go that we didnt want super traditional or super posed pics, we really wanted someone who would bring something unique to shooting our wedding, like we try to do for the couples whose weddings we shoot. That is why we didnt hire a wedding photographer, we hired Tyrone Bradley, an event, motoring and people photographer working with Red Bull and itswhatiminto. Tyrone was so awesome and we learnt so much from him and we really could not have asked for a more incredible guy! He even stayed and jammed with us till the end of the reception!

When it came to our own wedding pics, 2 things were important to us, having our photos in Ponta D’Ouro (about a 40 minute round trip from the wedding venue in Ponta Malongane) and to not be away from our friends and family for too long after the ceremony. The best option then was to do our pics the day before and boy are we glad we did! There was no rushing, no guilt about missing out on our reception, and best of all it created so much excitement for the day before the wedding as well! We did first look pics where our parents led us to each other. It was so good to include them and honestly, I would highly recommend this to any couple interested!


4 thoughts on “Our very own fantastical wedding!”

  1. JO says:

    AWE MAN i got all choked up looking at your AWESOME photos!!!

    Congrats guys!! :)

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